1979 - 2007 Erik K. Rauff og Erik Sørensen founded in 1979 the maritime electronic company, Shipmate, in Støvring. Shipmate developed and manufactured maritime communication and navigation equipment. Back in the 80s there was, compared to today, even more ”mechatronics” involved in the products, so naturally Shipmate established there own mechanical department which delivered mechanical components, tools and fixtures for the Shipmate production. Shipmate was in the 90s sold to the norwegian maritime company Simrad, later to Kongsberg, and in 2005 to Navico. Navico flagged out all activities in Støvring in 2007.

2007 - 1. april - Erik K. Rauff og Erik Sørensen takes over the workshop and employees and starts up in the name Rauff & Sørensen A/S.

2007 - 1. september - Per Milborg Pedersen buys 50% of Toolinvent owned by Claus Bo Jensen.

2007 - 1. october - Rauff & Sørensen A/S is sold to Per Milborg Pedersen and Claus Bo Jensen. And that 1. october 2007 is the official day of birth for Mekan.

2008 Mekan develops their first standard PCB fixture called P5032. It was developed together with some of our customers.

2008 Late in 2008 Mekan launched the M4030 standard PCB fixture. This fixture is a manually operated fixture with a unique locking mechanism concept which is still used today. We can only be proud of that concept, since some of our competitors more or less copied this concept…..

2009 The M4030 is replaced by the M4430. The idea behind the M4430 concept is to have a fixture with high number of possible variants on the lowest number of basic parts. And that has been achived.

2010 To be able to deliver low cost test fixtures, the M1218 hinged fixture is designed.

2011 Mekan becomes distributor of contact products from Everett Charles Technologies. An important step for Mekan.

2012 Design and manufacturing of solderwave pallets becomes a new business area.

2014 Mekan builds the first robot solution for E-14 In Odense.

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