Samling 2.34

M4430 PCB fixtures

  • High end PCB test fixtures with various options
  • Stand alone or various rear panel interfaces
  • PCB size up to apx. 350x250 mm
  • Force on probe plate up to 2000 N
  • Manual or pneumatically activated
  • Top, bottom and side access optional

Hinged fixtures

  • Perfect for small PCB up to apx 100x100 mm
  • Maximum apx 50 test probes
  • Optional top side access
  • Low cost

Custom PCB fixtures

  • We design all kinds of PCB fixtures to fit your requirements.
  • Redesign of other manufactures fixtures.



UdklipyjtyjhClick on picture to see some solutions for connection to connector.

Fixed 6p. 227g4

Mekan has the ability to make a FEM analysis of the PCB to ensure the best possible design of the test.