Here are 3 basic hinged pcb fixtures from Mekan. Left is the smallest, operated manually and with magnets. The middle one is a Little bigger and has a more powerful handle. To the right is a Mekan hinged fixture to be fitted on a ECT bottom enclusure, and it has the powerhandle for 100+ test pins.



The hinged PCB tester is basically a simple and cheaper way to test a smaller PCB board with a limited amount of testpoints. The fixture is made simple with a minimum of parts and is operated manually or with magnets for hold down. The hinged fixture version is not made in a specific size, the fixture size is decided by the size of the PCB and the wishes from the costumer.

One thing that seperates the hinged fixture from the M4430 fixture, is that the hinged fixture move in an angle and not straight up and Down like the M4430. this is why we try to put as much distance as possiple between the PCB and the hinge, so that the angle is as small as possiple. The size of the hinged fixture is costumized to each PCB and costumer specs.


Small hinged fixture for a small pcb.


3 small hinged pcb fixtures ready to go.


Hinged fixture with room for Electronics, and the powerhandle for 100+ test pins.

Medium sized hinged pcb fixture and a backboard for cables down the box.



Simple and small hinged fixture mounted on a ECT bottom enclosure.


Very simple hinged fixture ready for ECT bottom enclosure