Mekan is based in Business Park Nord, which in total is 8000 m2 and before 2007 hosted Simrad and Cetelco. To day Business Park Nord has apx 60 various companies. Business Park Nord provides all these, mostly small, companies with great facilities, reception services, kantine, conference rooms etc.

Mekan has apx 500 m2 in the southern end of Business Park Nord. This part of the building has been the mechanical workshop for Simrad since 1985. in 2007, when Mekan took over, the workshop was rearranged and administration facilities added. To day Mekan has som very nice and bright surroundings that provides a good well-being.

Mekan has a well equiped workshop and a great variety of different materials, mechanical components etc. which contributes to a very short lead time. On top of that Mekan has a great network of subsuppliers with the required flexibility

Machine park

process of metal machining by mill Facilities Facilities

Deckel Maho DMU50V - CNC Mill
Maho MH600E - CNC Mill
Colchester Triumph 2000 - Lathe
Maximat Super2 - Small Lathe
IMA - Mill with Electronic display
Lagun - FTV-1s - Mill with Electronic display
Bridgeport series 1 - Mill with Electronic display